The CosmicClient communicates with the server to provide you with additional information that normally wouldn't be possible. Below are the main features that work hand in hand with our servers.
Cooldown HUD

Location:  Settings > ALL / HUD

The Cooldown HUD allows a simple, obvious, display of cooldowns on the Cosmic Servers.  Cooldown timers are togglable and show a visual countdown. 


Location: ALL / Tools

Schematica lets you easily see and build pre-built blueprints from any server or world!

Printer will be disabled unless the server specifically allows it.


Location: Settings > ALL / Tools

For all your cannoning needs, Breadcrumbs allow players to see what is going on with their sand and TNT by providing a tracer line. Players can customize the color for falling sand and TNT as well the duration the line remains and thickness of the line! Pefect for troubleshooting those intricate cannons!